Unwritten Rules

1. Etiquette around the children
Many of the children/teens/adolescents on the grounds have spent many years growing up within the club and are like family to us. Like family, we need to look after them, which means being vigilant and protective of them. They are also the future of our club, and thus need to be treated with dignity and respect both in order to ensure their comfort and that they remain with us.

A number of specific things that we ask people to be mindful of around the kids includes the following:

I. Personal space/contact – Many of our children have grown up in the club, and thus are frequently relaxed, comfortable, and at times quite familiar in their presentation. Please be careful to keep a safe personal space between yourself and any child or adolescent that is not your own.

Examples of this might include: a) Not being too cuddly or tactile with the kids that are not your own, even if they are with you. b) Being mindful as an adult, especially a male that it may not look good (no matter how well meaning your intentions are) to be on your own in the spa or pool with children, unless you are a parent to one of the children present. c) Giving a child a shoulder ride in the pool is a no go zone unless it’s with your child. d) Being alone in private with a child or teen can also be misinterpreted.

II. Language – Swearing really should be kept to a minimum at all times but especially around the children. The telling of politically incorrect jokes also needs to be seriously considered. For example, jokes about sexuality, who’s been with whom, or sexual orientation, although they may be light hearted in intent, can blur boundaries between the adults and kids. Please consider whether this sort of humour is really necessary, or whether you really need to join in if the kids themselves are engaging in similar jokes themselves.

III. Children are the responsibility of their parents – If you have any concerns about a young person –for example riding their bike without a helmet, or being clad, do not approach the child yourself. If you are concerned, either speak to the parent directly or speak with a Board member.
2. Nude Etiquette

I. For those new to the nudist lifestyle, it is accepted etiquette to carry a towel or sarong. The towel or sarong is required when sitting on other people’s furniture or club benches. The easiest way to ensure this – just carry either wherever you go.

II. The pool and lawns are “nude” only areas when weather permits. While bathers are not permitted in the pool, it is encouraged that all be sun smart in the summer sun. The spa is available for use at any time (noise consideration for others after 11pm is appreciated). Please shower before use and also cover the spa after use.

III. There is some preference for a level of anonymity around nudism. Club member’s have a right to privacy. People are identified at the club by their first names and their group number only. It is not a bad idea until familiar with club members not to ask too much about their personal lives (unless of course they offer this information)

IV. Helios is a naturist club, where club members enjoy the freedom of being nude. This freedom does not extend to sexual impropriety. Remember whilst nude you are to behave in a manner that is respectful of others around you. No club member should be made to feel uncomfortable by the indiscrete behaviour/posturing of another.

V. When walking through the club: while nudism is encouraged, please be clothed when in sight of the club boundary and gate, as well as in the paddock. As in any natural environment, please trek with care through the forest and boardwalks.

VI. All members must be fully clothed (not just a t-shirt) when working in the kitchen or when handling food (even when on the deck, such as when staffing a sausage sizzle).
3. Driving/riding around the grounds

I. There are driving regulations within the club grounds. The maximum speed limit at any time is 10kph, which is walking pace. A $15 fine can be issued if you are caught speeding. We are pleased to see the number of littlies around the grounds increasing, but this also means we need to be very vigilant with regard to speed. If you see someone speeding you also have the right to report the vehicle to a Board member.

II. A curfew exists for driving through club grounds. Cars should not be driven after 10pm unless you are entering or leaving the club. We strongly encourage members where ever possible to walk rather than drive their vehicle around the grounds. You will at times see cars on the move about the grounds. Some Board members such as grounds or buildings, or people organising functions, require their vehicle as part of their duties. There are also some members exempt from the curfew because of mobility difficulties.

III. Driving under the influence is not condoned.

IV. Bike helmets are mandatory when riding bikes on club grounds
4. Socialising

I. Helios is a very social club, and we actively encourage people to participate in club functions. Some functions are formal with bands and dress up evenings, where some can be very low key and organised at the spur of the moment. You are very welcome to participate in these functions. Don’t feel as though you need to wait to be included. If unsure just ask one of our Board members.

II. Alcohol consumption frequently goes hand in hand with the club lifestyle. We ask you to be mindful of the health guidelines around responsible drinking. When drinking we ask you to remember and adhere to club etiquette and the code of conduct.

5. Pets

I. Pet dogs are welcome at the club, but they must be kept leashed at all times when walking through club grounds.

II. Dogs are not permitted in the vicinity of the clubrooms, pool area and upper pool lawns. They are permitted off-leash in the paddock.

III. Please remember to clean up after your dog (carry a plastic bag for the purpose).

6. Rubbish

Please take your rubbish home with you.

7. Emergencies

In case of emergency the main assembly area is the clubhouse lawn. If an alarm is raised you will hear a long continuous siren. First aid facilities are available in the board room of the club house. At all times please observe the fire restrictions posted in the club grounds.