Common Questions

I'm an LGBT person. What's the deal?
Helios accepts members of all sexual orientations. We are a diverse bunch!
What do I need to bring?
First and foremost – Bring a towel, its used whenever you are sitting nude on club equipment. If you are staying in our accomodation, then you also need to bring linen.
What is the general age of the members?
Our members range in age from 18 to 60ish. We have a wide range of members, many of whom are in their 20’s and 30s.
What is your location?
We are located near Gembrook in the Dandenong Ranges
How do I visit?
Contact our friendly membership team at the bottom of this page! or via Facebook
Do you have many events?
For our members – we have events all the time (most long weekends and holidays). For Visitors, we hold 2 open days a year in which visitors can attend the events.
I'm new to nudism, do I have to take my clothes off when I am at the club?
We were all first time nudists once. Our club is very friendly and understanding when it comes to first time members and visitors. You are welcome to slowly relax into our lifestyle, the only exceptions to this are the lawn and pool areas which are “nude only” zones.
Do you have mobile coverage?

We have no mobile coverage. In saying that – we do have wifi in certain areas around the club (such as the clubhouse) and if you have wifi calling, you can make and recieve calls using this.

What about the internet?

We have wifi in certain areas of the club (mainly common areas). As we have limited bandwith and capacity that must be shared amoungst everyone on site, we ask that users do not download files or watch youtube/netflix. We are unable to guarentee that internet access will be available, nor will it be the speeds you get at home.

Can I take photos?
As beautiful as our club is, we need to protect the integrity & privacy of our members. Photos are thus prohibited.
What do nudist do in the colder months?

Actually no, We have 2 heated spa’s, a fireplace and gas heating in our clubhouse and a large sauna. You will keep you warm and toasty through the colder months. However, if a warm jumper and pants are your thing, thats fine also.

Is the pool heated?
Yes the pool has solar heating – In the winter months it wont be too warm, as there is not much sun!
I'm single and I would like to join.
Helios rules require us to maintain a gender balance. Single members may not always be able to join immediately, however we do maintain a waitlist for those wanting to join.
Are families welcome?
Being a Family orientated club, that is a resounding yes! We have many young families, and plenty of activities for children.
Can I live/reside at helios?
No. Helios is a great weekend getaway and a fantastic holiday spot. However, we do not allow members to reside on the grounds.
Do you have fresh drinking water?
Yes, we have filtered drinking water available to members. General washing and showering facilities are supplied by local creek water.
Do you have a shop where we can buy general items (including food)?
As we are a members owned club, we do not provide any facilities for purchasing general items and food. There is an well stocked Supermarket about 10 minutes drive from the club in the local township of Gembrook.
Is there any public transport near the club?
Unless you have a great set of hiking boots, no. The nearest bus stop is 5km away, with an infrequent service.
Can you arrange from someone to pick me up from the town?
No. You must arrange your own transport. For health and safety reasons, all visitors must be able to evacuate the property on their own should an emergency be declared. We are not able to accept members or visitors who wish to come by taxi or public transport for this reason.
Can I have a fire?
Helios follows the Victorian Fire Ban, and local council fire regulations. Fires may only be lit on low fire danger days.
Do you have bbq and cooking facilities available?
Yes, we have free bbq’s available for use. We also have a kitchen which is only open during our events.
What is a Bum Towel?

Simply a bum-towel is a towel (usually) or another item (sometimes clothes are used), that a nudist sits on when using communal furniture. It is considered good nudist etiquette to use a bum-towel and you will be reminded if you forget.

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