Joining Helios

As Helios is a members owned and run club, visitors are only allowed to visit 3 times before they are required to join as members.

You cannot join on a whim. Membership takes months, and is at the approval of other members.

Our membership process is as follows;

  • Prospective member visits the club (up to 3 times), after arranging through the membership team.
  • The prospective member after visiting may request from the membership team to apply for membership
  • The prospective member completes the application, and pays the appropriate application fee.
  • The prospective member’s name is put up on the noticeboard, for other members to comment
  • After 21 days, the member is put forward to the next board meeting for acceptance
  • If the prospective member is accepted by the board, they are notified and must pay the pro-rata membership fee. The member will receive their gate codes and membership pack.
  • The member then enters a probationary period of 3 months.
  • After a period of 3 months, the membership will again be reviewed by the board.
  • If all is well and probation is passed then the member is accepted to Helios.

Interested in visting or joining? Contact our membership team below.

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