Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – Is Helios clothing optional?

Helios is a nudist club and not clothing optional. However, common sense prevails and if the weather is cold and bleak you put clothes on  to keep warm. As a guideline – if it is warm enough for shorts/singlets then why not enjoy the freedom of being naked.

Question 2 – Why join or visit a club when the beach is free?

When you join or visit a club you get to meet like-minded people and enjoy your lifestyle in a secure environment.  Children will love spending time with new-found friends, which then allows adults time to mix with other adults, without the “are we going home yet”. As a club we organize frequent social events – even in the colder months – enabling you and your family to have fun all year round.

The other advantage is the security offered by a club.  All our members can enjoy the freedom of practicing nudism without the concern of who is “hiding in the bushes”. Should any behavior be deemed inappropriate we have rules in place to resolve any issues and allow our members and visitors to feel safe in our environment.

Question 3 – What facilities are there for the children?

At Helios we believe children are the future of our club, as a result we strive to encourage their participation and involvement.  The children’s adventure playground is located mid way between the barbecue and the sun lawn allowing parents to keep an eye on the little ones while socialising.  During functions we try to have activities for  the children as well as a children’s menu.

Question 4 – Do you have accommodation available for visitors?

We have a number of on site vans and cabins available for our visitors to use.  If you wish to bring your own van or tent, we have both powered and non-powered sites. As you can see – we try to cater for everyone.

Note – You may also like to read our Code of Behaviour