Our History

Happy FeetOur history really began two years before the formation Helios in 1958. Three couples who were members of the “Sunray Club” located near Heany Park, Rowville, on the western slopes of Mount Dandenong, decided to form their own club, “The Helios Society”.

The need to acquire grounds led to an advertisement in the local newspaper with one offer being received, which is the current Gembrook property, the price being 400 pounds ($800).

As the Helios Society is a member owned club, many years of hard work was necessary to build the infrastructure we see today. Those early days were tough going , as money was very tight and there was a lot of scrounging to get things built.

Tragedy struck in February 1983, when all vegetation, seven vans and 24 cabins were lost to the “Ash Wednesday Bushfires”. In true Helios fashion, the members pulled together, and rebuilt Helios even better than before the fires.

Today the Helios Society has a membership base in excess of 100 families.